Launch of Flashcard Maker Pro

Flashcard Maker Pro is designed to help parents and teachers easily create beautiful picture flashcards for the children. Picture flashcards help young children to link words to the objects. After the flashcards are created, the children can immediately start practicing reading and spelling the words using this app itself. We have packed this tool with all the features that you will need to make beautiful flashcards for your child’s learning and even included an additional word puzzles mode!

It is super easy to use!

Just 4 steps to create your own flashcards!

Step 1: Create a new deck or select an existing deck
Step 2: Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture using the camera
Step 3: Record yourself reading the word
Step 4: Input the word and thats it!

Why make your own flashcards?

Imagine you can use photos of objects around the house or places that your child has visited before like the Zoo and parks to teach your child. Your child will be able to better relate to these pictures when learning the words as these are things that he/she has been seen before or regularly. And you are also using your voice to record the sound of the words, it makes it more familiar to the child too. All these help to create a much better and faster learning experience, compared to the standard flashcard decks bought from the stores.

Example where this tool is very useful

(1) Take photos during trips or excursions and use the pictures to create flashcards for the kids to learn about the spelling of the things he has seen during the trip. Like going to the Zoo, supermarket, garden, overseas trip etc.

(2) When teaching your child about the members of the family, as you can use real photos of the family members to make the flashcards!

(3) For first grader learning spelling, you can create a flashcard deck of the spelling words and let the kid practise completing the word puzzles. For higher difficulty, the letter guide can be turn off for the puzzles.

Features found in this Flashcard Maker Pro

(1) Create unlimited flashcards using the photos in your handphone or tablet

(2) Organise the flashcards into different decks

(3) Record the words using your own voice and have it auto play with the flashcards.

(4) Option to auto play the flashcard in each deck or manually scroll through them. Auto scroll speed can also be adjusted to encourage your child to read along as the flash cards play.

(5) Choice of capital letters and small letters for the sight words to let your child be familiar with both of them.

(6) Include Puzzle mode so that your child can practise forming the words on the flashcards you have created. Ideal for kids learning spelling.

(7) Option to turn off the letter guide in Puzzle mode for older children who needs to memorise the words

(8) App comes preloaded with 2 decks for your child to start learning straight away. More decks will be release regularly too.


Download now and start creating beautiful flashcards for your child!


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