Launch of Marshies

marshies jygstudio

Tired of conventional match 3 games which you just swipe endlessly? A brand new match 3 puzzle game is here!

It’s cute! It’s puffy! It’s Marshies!

What is marshy? Is it a cloud? Is it a marshmallow? Who cares as long as it’s cute and puffy!

Tour the landmarks of the world and learn interesting facts about them as you solve puzzles and progress through the stages.

It’s the perfect entertainment for kids and adults!

What’s more, Marshies is completely free to play!

Marshies features:

  1. Cute marshies appear in groups of 3, tap to rotate them.
  2. Line up cute marshies on the board to marsh them!
  3. There are different colour of marshies to add spices to your game!
  4. Two game modes are available
    • Endless – Limitless game play! The game continues until there is no more moves left. Perfect for enjoying the cuteness of marshies and challenging yourself to get the ultimate highscore!
    • Challenge – Challenge specific missions to clear each stage and unlock new places! Places unlocked will also be playable on Endless mode. Mission content does not change with each new place, but difficulty is increased significantly.

So what you waiting for? Download now and let the adventure begins!